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One Pizza Trick Everyone Will Love.

Frozen Pizza Just Got Better, you can do this too.


As a young family on a budget, we often could not afford to go out to eat and the extra tip money often made the difference on why we did not order pizza for delivery.

I would buy frozen pizza from the grocery store to satisfy my pizza loving family. This was over 20 years ago, and while the frozen pizza selection was not as great as it is today, I still practice this trick and enjoy it.

A clever approach to enjoying homemade pizza without the hassle and time commitment of starting from scratch.

Instead of going through the entire pizza-making process, you can achieve a customized and delicious result by starting with your preferred brand of frozen cheese pizza as the base.

Here's how it works: Begin with your favorite frozen cheese pizza, which serves as a convenient canvas for your culinary creativity. Once you have your pizza, personalize it to your heart's content by adding your own selection of toppings and cheese your masterpiece is completed. To enhance the overall flavor, consider brushing the crust with either garlic butter or olive oil, providing a delightful unexpected taste.

To further elevate the taste, you can season your pizza with a blend of your preferred spices like Italian seasoning. Adding a pinch of garlic powder will contribute an extra layer of flavor richness.

Here are some valuable insights to enhance your homemade pizza experience and avoid common mistake like I did:

Topping Placement for Easy Cutting: To simplify the slicing process, refrain from adding toppings in the center of the pizza. This makes cutting your pizza a breeze.

Dealing with Mushrooms: If mushrooms are your go-to topping, you'll want to address their natural moisture content. Dice mushrooms finely and distribute them evenly across your pizza to prevent clumping.

Managing Peppers: Freshly cut peppers can elevate your pizza's flavor, but they can be watery. Slice them into bite-sized strips or chop them thinly. Be cautious not to overdo it, as too many peppers can release excess moisture onto your dough and cheese. Gross!

Tomato Techniques: Tomatoes are a popular choice, but their preparation can affect your pizza's texture. You have two options: thinly slice tomatoes and place them near the top, avoiding the center, for a dried, cooked effect. Alternatively, if you prefer juicy tomatoes like I do, drain a can of diced tomatoes, dice some garlic, and mix them together with a dash of Italian seasoning. Allow this mixture to sit for about 10 minutes before using it as a topping, ensuring that the excess juice is drained to prevent sogginess.

Cheese Distribution: Achieving the perfect cheese distribution can be a bit tricky. Instead of being heavy-handed with extra cheese, lightly sprinkle some on before adding your other toppings. After you've arranged your toppings, you can add a bit more cheese for even melting during cooking.

Crust Care: When it comes to the crust, avoid applying oil or butter before baking. Doing so may result in a burnt crust while the center of the pizza remains undercooked. However, once your pizza is out of the oven, lightly brush the crust with your preferred flavoring for a delicious finishing touch.

Encourage Creativity: Involve your kids in the pizza-making process for a fun family activity. You can even divide a frozen pizza in half and let them create their own personal pizzas. This tradition can be carried on by your adult children, creating cherished pizza-making memories for generations to come.

By following these tips, learning a few of your own while adding your personal touch, you can consistently enjoy a quick and delicious homemade pizza.Quick! Easy! Less Mess!

While crafting a pizza entirely from scratch can be a rewarding endeavor, it often demands more time and cleanup. If you, like me, appreciate a quicker and tidier alternative, this method can be a game-changer. Additionally, if you're feeling adventurous, you can even experiment with cutting the frozen pizza into different sections to create multiple distinct flavor combinations. This approach allows you to savor homemade pizza tailored to your taste preferences with minimal effort and cleanup.

What do you think of this pizza tip? Do you  have some of your own? Share it with us in the comments so others can know too. Who knows, your comment might be featured on social media.

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