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Cruise Planner Ann Crandall Palm Coast

Holiday and 2024 Travel that Saves You Time & Money


It's the perfect moment to start planning your upcoming vacations! With the hustle and bustle of life, many folks have been so busy that they haven't had the chance to enjoy some well-deserved time off this year. The year 2023 is winding down rapidly, and those unused vacation days are at risk of slipping away. Seize this opportunity to create lasting memories with your friends and family by including them in your travel plans.

Remember, "someday" doesn't exist on anyone's calendar, so it's time to pick a specific date and start planning ahead. Extend invitations to those you'd like to join you, and together, you can craft unforgettable experiences, whether it's island hopping in the Caribbean or exploring other fascinating destinations worldwide.

By thinking ahead and securing your spot on a 2024 cruise or even considering bookings for 2025, you can enjoy the ultimate benefits of early planning – the best selection and pricing. Placing a deposit ensures you'll have a cabin reserved, and you'll have ample time to make the final payment a few months before you set sail. Additionally, giving your workplace advance notice of your travel plans allows for better coordination with your colleagues.

Don't forget the memory making accessories on your travels

As an experienced agent, I have exclusive access to cruise spaces at significantly lower prices than what you might find on the cruise line's website. I bring added value through my deep knowledge of cruise lines and personal travel expertise. Don't hesitate to reach out to me to book your cruise. For instance, I can help you find themed cruises, uncover off-the-beaten-path ports of call, and even tailor your experience to family-friendly or adult-only preferences.

If cruising isn't your cup of tea, we also work with numerous tour companies that can take you on land-based adventures, exploring one or more countries per trip. These tours cater to active adults as well as those who prefer a more relaxed pace. We have options for travelers as young as 18 years old who are eager to explore the world.

Keep in mind that for international travel, you'll need a valid passport book. If your explorations are within the USA, a passport isn't necessary, but a trusted traveler ID will be required for flights to and from your tour if you're not within driving distance of your home.

So, let's start planning your next incredible journey today! Contact me to turn your travel dreams into reality.

Ann Crandall - 540-894-1753

Travel and Cruise Planning around the world and a Palm Coast Resident.

*Do you love to cruise? What's your recent experience or advise to others. Let us know in the comments.

  • About the Author: Ann Crandall is A Travel Specialist for Palm Coast Locals

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