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Seniors could receive a rebate on their homeowners' insurance premiums

Seniors could receive a rebate on their homeowners' insurance premiums


Palm Coast and Flagler County if you're over 65 and living on a budget, you could be getting a sweet 10% back on the homeowners' insurance premiums if you are a Florida senior citizen homeowner.

Great news for our fellow Florida senior citizens and homeowners! Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book has a thoughtful plan to ease the financial strain on our community when it comes to those annual property insurance bills.

Senator Book recently introduced a bill, SB 348, designed to give a helping hand to low-income residents aged 65 and above. Here's the exciting part: eligible seniors could receive a 10% rebate on the homeowners' insurance premiums for their primary residence.

This incredible initiative, aptly named the "Insurance Rebate Program for Low-Income Seniors," aims to benefit those with an income below 200% of the federal poverty level. In practical terms, for 2023, that means an individual's income should be under $14,580, with an additional $5,140 allowed for each family member.

Senator Book passionately emphasized the urgency of this program, especially given Florida's persistent property insurance challenges. She stated, "In the face of Florida’s ongoing property insurance crisis, we’re fighting to provide relief to low-income seniors from skyrocketing premiums." She highlighted the discrepancy between the booming state economy and the vulnerability of seniors in her district, parts of Broward County, who are at risk of losing their homes due to unaffordable property insurance.

So, Florida senior citizen homeowners, take note! There's a beacon of hope on the horizon, ensuring you can navigate the property insurance landscape with a little more ease. Let's stand together for affordable living and secure homes! 

Should SB 348 get the green light during the 2024 Legislative Session, it would grant approval for tapping into unallocated state general revenue funds to cover the costs of the rebate.

For those eligible and eager to benefit, the application process is straightforward. Qualified recipients need to submit an application, approved by the Department of Financial Services (DFS), before June 30 of the year following the payment of their last homeowners' insurance premium. Alongside the application, they must furnish documentation verifying the payment and confirming the status of their primary residence.

Once the DFS has everything it needs, eligible individuals can anticipate either a check in the mail or funds directly deposited into their bank accounts—equivalent to a delightful 10% of the sum they shelled out for their homeowners' insurance.

Senator Book's visionary program comes in the wake of years marked by escalating housing and insurance costs throughout the Sunshine State. The struggles have triggered multiple Special Sessions and the introduction of legislation aimed at mitigating these challenges.

In a broader effort to stabilize the insurance market, Florida's insurer of last resort, Citizens Property Insurance, recently executed a strategic move. Through a legislatively authorized "depopulation program," hundreds of thousands of policies were transitioned from Citizens to private insurers in October 2023—a key step in navigating the complex landscape of insurance in Florida.

Last Action on Bil: 11/7/2023 Senate - Filed

Do you think this measure would be a long term benefit not only for senior citizens but the over all insurance crises or local economy? Let us know in the comment.


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