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Relief for Florida Homeowners Insurance with Prosed HB 1213

Relief for Florida Homeowners Insurance with HB 1213

Homeowners insurance in Florida, along with HOA fees and condominium costs, has experienced a significant surge, diminishing the appeal of both purchasing and maintaining homes. The soaring expenses have prompted numerous individuals to relocate from the state, creating an opportunity for cash buyers in the U.S. Consequently, this influx of cash buyers has driven up rental costs from property investors.

One possible starting solution may offer relief to homeowners. So let's clarify the meaning to you as a homeowner. This bill opens Citizens Insurance to anyone seeking to purchase a separate wind damage policy, thereby allowing you to keep your private market homeowners insurance while reducing the premium.

State Representative Spencer Roach has proposed the creation of House Bill 1213 which will make changes in the coverage provided by Citizens Property Insurance (Citizens), a government-backed insurance company.

Filed together with State Representative Hillary Cassel, Roach said that the bill will make Citizens a first option for people looking to have windstorm coverage for their properties.

This legislative proposal ensures a substantial decrease in property insurance premiums.

Surviving Hurricane Ian, State Representative Spencer Roach, a Republican representing Lee County, experienced disappointment in Florida's insurance companies, including their failure to support him and his neighbors. In response, he collaborated with a Democrat to craft a bill aiming to designate Citizens as the primary provider of windstorm coverage.

The biil? To totally repurpose Citizens Insures so it's not a last resort anymore.

At present, Citizens act as a final option insurer for individuals unable to secure coverage in the private market. Should the bill be enacted into law, this insurer will extend windstorm coverage, offering an alternative with affordable insurance premium rates.

Roach elaborated that this approach is reminiscent of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which furnishes flood insurance to property owners. The distinction lies in its state-level implementation, as opposed to NFIP's federal scope, and its coverage specifically for wind damage.

This proposed bill is not perfect and draws many naysayers on the other side with claims of 'unfairness' and 'loss of significant premiums', as well as lobbyist being hired to stop, hinder rewrite, or make amendments from becoming an option.

The bill as it current reads:

by: Roach and Cassel (CO-SPONSORS) Cross; Eskamani; Garcia; Hunschofsky; Tant
Removes provisions relating to windstorm risk apportionment plan agreements among property insurers; requires Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to make windstorm coverage available to homeowners for any residential structures & commercial lines residential structures; provides underwriting & administering requirements for windstorm coverage portion of insurance.
Effective Date: July 1, 2024
Last Event: Now in Insurance & Banking Subcommittee on Saturday, January 13, 2024 9:36 AM
Be In The Know!
What is Insurance & Banking Subcommittee?
The Banking and Insurance Committee is a standing committee of the Florida State Senate and examines legislation in the following subject areas: Regulation of state chartered financial institutions (banks, credits unions, etc.), Regulation of credit, debt, and lending activities, Securities regulation, Money services businesses (check cashers and money transmitters), Regulation of insurance companies and agents and Regulation of insurance products
What do you think of having this option available? Do you believe it will help Florida Homeowners? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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