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Colton Wright Flagler Fishing Guide

Get Ready to Reel 'Em In: Snook Season is Here!


Fishing Guide Week of September 10, 2023

From out very own Flagler Beach local, Colton Wright. Look for updates and new reports every two weeks.

It's Snook Season!!! 

The reports are coming in about some "keeper" snook. They are being caught around bridges, docks lights and canals. And more reports are starting to come in about snook in the flats also. 
Night Time Bridge Fishing : Drag Live shrimp with a split shot on the bottom with a SLOW retrieve, waiting for a nice thump. You can also throw your jig of choice. Bucktail or paddle tail with a jig head and a SLOW retrieve close to the bottom. You may also catch these fish on deep diving lures. Preferably red and white in color They are suckers for Red and White. 
Night Time Dock lights : It's roughly the same concept as the bridges but your going to want to hop around and find the fish. Some docks have fish on them but they won't eat. Don't be discouraged. Just move on to your next dock light. Don't be afraid to try different baits to see what they are biting on. There have been good reports of good keeper trout mixed in 
Day or Night Time Canals : You can use live shrimp or mullet on a bobber casting to each side of the sea walls. You can also use top water lures in the early morning. Running it parallel to the seawall. My go to jig of choice lately is root beer color with a chartreuse paddle tale. 
Daytime Flats:  Early morning top water. Around the oyster beds and creek mouths. As for your live baits : live mullet or pin fish. Either with or without a split shot. As you can tell these fish are very structure oriented, so finding a dead tree or an object in the water may get you a keeper snook. 
Don't forget that these fish require a permit. And the legal slot limit is 28in-32in. Limit one per person. 

Stock up on fishing gear and equipment in Flagler County

Be safe and have fun. Snook are one of the tastiest saltwater fish around. All white meat. 🤙
Got a few fishing tips of your own? Leave them in the comments so others can know.


  • About the Author: Local Flagler Beach Angler

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