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The Thrifty Place Bunnell Florida

10 Best Items To Shop For At The Thrifty Place

Sometimes, we don't realize the true worth of a great discovery. Exploring a The Thrifty Place in Bunnell or any bargain store is like going on a thrilling treasure hunt. There's a unique joy in scanning through aisles, shelves, baskets, and bins, searching for the perfect items you had in mind or stumbling upon something amazing you never knew you wanted. The simple joy of a good bargain can't be resisted when you are perusing and sorting through items for a great find.


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We've put together a list of the top 10 items that professional home decorators and homeowners alike often seek out in these budget-friendly basement bargain stores.


Finding a great lamp that is unique, or not made anymore is a true find.

Wall Art 

Finding the perfect picture for an empty space can be a rewarding adventure at bargain prices.


Books of all kinds from classics to cooking, you can find a good read or add to a collection.

Christmas Items

Finding Christmas decorations or even collectors items can be a big win.

Hobby Items

Find unique items like lighthouses, bells, spoons, drams, shot glasses, mugs, M&M items, and often expensive figurines that were thrown in the 'get rid of' pile.

Designer or Unique Handbags

Every handbag collector knows that these seemingly whimsical items can cost an arm and a leg. You might just find your biggest steal ever at your local thrifty place.  

Vinyl Records

Streaming may be the most popular way to listen to new music, but vinyl has made a huge comeback. If you’re looking for a place to get classic albums for your record player, look no further than thrift stores.    

Coats & Jackets

Coats are expensive and often rarely used. Cleaning them and giving them new life can be the perfect solution if you live in a warmer climate like Florida where you may only use it once or twice.

Fashion Jewelry

Finding the right necklace to go with the perfect dress or blouse can be a big find for that fun or special night.

Kids Toys

Kids grow. Items get thrown out, given away repurposed or sold. You can often find kids toys without investing a chuck of money that becomes a dust collector in a few months.

Furniture Pieces

Small home decor furniture pieces that fill spaces like sofa tables, end tables, wall tables and vanity desk are a great find.

Thrifty places and bargain stores often have new items in stock too. As a wholesaler they can buy in bulk for items that were not sold out, or under performed in the market during holiday sales.

These store owners spend countless hours hunting for items to bring into their store, while donations can be accepted of certain items most are purchased through estate-sales, overstock sales and bulk sales from retail stores and vendors.

Thrifty places and bargain stores are not exclusive resale stores with 100% being donated items.

Are you a bargain hunter? Tell us of great items you have found.

One such place in Bunnell, Florida is The Thrifty Place. Go here for location and details.



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