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How to audit your own website and find out what your website agency is not telling you.

How To Audit Your Own Website for Ranking.


In today's modern business landscape, we heavily depend on industry experts to execute the services we enlist them for. One critical service for business owners is the development of a website.

Your website serves as an extension of your business, offering potential customers a means to validate your authenticity, understand your offerings, and assess your ability to meet their needs. The way your website ranks on search engines carries immense significance. This guide will show you how to conduct a self-audit of your website's performance relative to your competition and ascertain if your website agency is delivering on their promises.

Have you been receiving emails praising your website design but finding your Google ranking lacking? First and foremost, these accolades often precede an actual analysis. It's a strategic approach to prompt your response, after which they will perform the evaluation. I'm fortunate to maintain strong relationships with my clients, and they willingly share these reports with me, and invariably, I surpass their expectations with the real report.

The common shortcomings of such reports include using graphs that lack substantial detail, omitting valuable data, and being geared towards enticing you to engage their services. If a company suggests a quick ranking boost by merely inserting a code into your website, exercise extreme caution.

If you genuinely want to comprehend your website's performance and ensure your website agency is delivering as promised, it's best to go directly to the source at and enter your domain name ( beginning with https:// ).

Here's what you should focus on:

Mobile Version and Performance Rating: Your website's speed is #1. If it scores below 50, you're losing out on mobile search rankings. (Note that mobile users tend to outweigh desktop users in search.)

SEO: Aim for a score of 90 or higher.

Best Practices: This covers several factors, ultimately assessing whether your website adheres to industry standards. A score of 80 or higher is advisable.

Accessibility: This metric gauges how user-friendly your website is for individuals with disabilities. A score of 80 or higher is desirable, with the ideal target being in the 90s. Achieving accessibility doesn't require specialized software; your chosen agency should be well-versed in implementing this by following the necessary guidelines.

You can click on each icon to access more detailed information regarding your website's performance in these areas along with some other very interesting info about your website.

Armed with this tool, you now have a valuable resource to gauge the state of your website.

If you discover shortcomings, encounter red flags, or observe an abundance of yellow indicators, don't hesitate to reach out to your website agency for rectification. Alternatively, you can contact me—I specialize in rescuing websites and ensuring they meet their full potential.

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