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Tips for removing red wine from your carpet or rug

Removing Red Wine Spills On Your Carpet or Rug; Best Tips

With the holiday's approaching bells will be ringing, family and friends will feast and it will be a merry time for all.

But wait....

No matter what the season or occasion you're bound to have to deal with the dreaded red wine or a red juice spill on your carpet or rug. Red coloring and red wine's are the toughest stain to remove. Our goal here is to help you eliminate staining your carpet or rug as little as possible so you are not having to see a red blot every time you walk by or step into the room.

Although you can't turn back time to prevent the spill, you can certainly restore your carpet to its former glory to near perfection. By acting swiftly and following these straightforward steps, that red wine stain won't stand a chance against you and your carpet.

 Act swiftly and gently blot: Don't rub, blot, blot and blot some more. Grab a clean cloth or some paper towels and delicately pat the wine spill to absorb any liquid that hasn't yet penetrated the carpet fibers. Avoid rubbing the stain, as this can drive the wine pigments deeper into the fabric, making removal more challenging. Perform this step promptly to prevent further wine absorption into the carpet.

Employ common household absorbents: After blotting away any excess wine, apply an absorbent powder to draw out the stain from the carpet fibers. Table salt is typically the best option, but if you don't have any on hand, you can also use baking soda, talcum powder, or even kitty litter.

Allow the salt or chosen powder to sit for several minutes, usually around 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the stain's size and how long it sat before you started cleaning.

Continue blotting: Once the salt has sat for a while and turned pinkish-red, indicating it's absorbing the wine, use a clean cloth to blot the salt and wine off the carpet. Again, refrain from rubbing, as it can exacerbate the damage to the stained area. Allow the area to dry before using a vacuum to remove the remaining salt granules from your carpet.

Additional methods to tackle wine stains:

- 1:1 mixture of club soda and white vinegar:
If the salt-and-blot method doesn't entirely remove the wine spill, consider using a 1:1 mixture of club soda and white vinegar for blotting. Ensure that you use white vinegar, as other types may worsen the stain rather than improving it.

- Oxi cleaner or a 3:1 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid: For white carpets, you can apply an oxygen cleaner or a mixture of three parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dishwashing liquid directly to the stain. Allow the mixture to sit for at least 20 minutes, up to an hour, before blotting it with a clean cloth. After blotting, dampen another clean cloth with warm water to remove any remaining soap and peroxide from the carpet. Keep in mind that peroxide is a bleaching agent, so avoid using this mixture on colored carpets.

These methods are meant to be a help guide to make the right choice. You can also hire a professional carpet cleaning service that offers stain removing to help restore your carpet.  Do you have any helpful tips to share? Please leave them in the comments so others can know.

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