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Do You Want To Promote Yourself By Sharing Your Love for Flagler County?

Meet your Host: Macy Baxi

Macy Baxi started her podcast 'What Would You Say to Your Younger Self' at the age of 17 in 2020.

She has interviewed over 200 successful professionals.

Macy is excited to promote her love for Flagler County on the podcast 'Why I Love Flagler County'

You can be apart of Macy's collection of local professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs who are making an impact in our community, and why they love Flagler County!

Macy will be releasing a ground-breaking book for parents and children - '7 Critical Career Skills They Don't Teach in School'

Macy will be out in the community for the 7th Annual Chili Cookoff with Melondy Bosko and Palm Coast Local to video locals with the question: Why I Love Flagler County.

We hope to see you there!

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We would love to have you come for a short, 15-minute call via Zoom for you to share what YOU love about Flagler, and also a great chance for small businesses to get their name out there!

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Come Be Our Guest We would love to have you for a short, 15-minute call via Zoom for you to share what YOU love about Flagler County, with great opportunity for small businesses to tell us your story.

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